This July, food lovers in Manchester will have the opportunity to try fresh Peruvian cuisine as the Ceviche team, led by its founder and Executive Head Chef Martin Morales, collaborates with Teacup to serve a one-off Peruvian dining experience on 10 July.

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Since opening in March 2012, Ceviche has earned its reputation as one of London’s hottest restaurants, and the very first authentic Peruvian eating experience in the UK. The pop-up restaurant and masterclass at Teacup is part of a ten date tour – the first of its kind in Britain.

 Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /

Teacup sits in the heart of Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter, serving up loose leaf teas and freshly prepared meals alongside a menagerie of cakes and treats, all crafted from the best possible produce. Teacup began as a record shop nearly a decade ago, and has since transformed into one of Manchester’s finest eateries. The restaurant is co-owned by Manchester DJ, Mr Scruff, and his manager Gary McClarnan, both of whom are passionate about tea. There is a wide range of loose-leaf teas on offer as well as Mr Scruff’s own bagged blends to have in or take home with you.


Teacup has partnered with Ceviche exclusively for one night. Guests are invited to attend a masterclass where they will learn to prepare Ceviche’s highly acclaimed sea bass dish, ‘Don Ceviche’.  The masterclass will be followed that evening by a pop-up restaurant serving a selection of dishes from the book Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen, to create a unique dining experience.

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

Gary McClarnan, Co-Founder of Teacup says –

“The very fortunate thing about being in the music business for so many years is that it’s an international passport to hear great music, know great people and eat at great restaurants.  Scruff and I had the pleasure of creating some great music with Martin Morales many years ago, so when I was invited to the launch of Ceviche in Soho I knew it would be a class act.  Ceviche is special, the service is great and the food is brilliant.  We are delighted to join with the team and host the Ceviche tour in Manchester.  It’s the perfect opportunity for our friends and customers at Teacup to experience what we’ve been raving about.”


Martin Morales says 

“People fall in love with Peruvian food after the first bite. This is still a secret across Britain. We want to change that, so we are collaborating with Teacup to present the world’s most exciting food and dining experience in their restaurant.


The secret of our cuisine is cooking with love. Our motto is mirrored by Gary, Mr Scruff and their team who run one of Manchester’s hippest venues. Together, their chefs and Ceviche’s will create a fun night of masterclasses, pop up Peruvian food and cocktails.”


Martin, former founder member of Apple iTunes Europe has been cooking since the age of ten. This passion remained with him throughout his life and two years ago he dropped everything, left his job as Director for Disney Music, sold his house and decided to dedicate his life to his love for Peruvian food.


Martin’s anticipated recipe book Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen, will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson on 4th July and available from Amazon, at £25, eBook: £12.99


Ceviche started in London as a pop up restaurant which sold out after one tweet from @martinceviche at each event. It then opened its doors in London’s Soho to critical acclaim and one year later, it continues to receive outstanding reviews.


Martin has drawn on his expertise and background in music to create the brand new concept of taking a pop-up restaurant on tour. He has also curated a playlist of Peruvian music that will be played on the tour, which can be accessed by cooks at home keen to embrace some latin flavour in the kitchen here:


Tickets will be available for the tour at, priced at £48 per person, for dinner and a copy of the Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen book. Tickets for the masterclass, dinner and a copy of the Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen book will be £75.

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